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PondCare® Melafix

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MelaFix be used with other medications?

MelaFix has been tested and found compatible with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals medications. Mixing other brands of medications is not recommended.

Is MelaFix harmful to aquatic plants?

MelaFix can be used in ponds containing live plants.

Will MelaFix kill snails?


Can MelaFix be used treat koi and goldfish?

Yes. Melafix has been used for many years for the treatment of external wounds and fin damage in koi and goldfish.

Can I add MelaFix directly to my pond?

Yes. Fish can be treated with MelaFix while in the pond.

Will MelaFix color the water?

No. MelaFix is colorless. Some surface foaming may be seen around fountains and water falls while treating with MelaFix. The foam will disappear after the treatment is complete.

Will MelaFix build up in my pond?

No. MelaFix is made from all natural ingredients, which break down quickly in the pond.

PondCare® Dimilin

For the control of anchor worm (Lernaea) in ornamental ponds, water gardens, Koi ponds and display tanks containing fish including koi, goldfish and tropical ornamental fish.
Effectively controls anchor worm by interrupting the parasite's life cycle and reproductive processes.
Easy to use liquid will not discolor the water and can be used at any water temperature in ornamental ponds, water gardens and display tanks


8oz & 16oz. bottles


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